Thank you, your tea is amazing. Kids love it and the flavour is so subtle and drinkable. A bit partial myself. So delighted to find a totally natural product to have at hand for when the kids feel unwell.


I bought this online as I was recommended this tea from a friend who swears by it, there was a change for the better, after drinking her bottle of tea she was a happier baby who slept pretty much through the night. I just wanted to email you my feedback and to say a big thank you.


I love that I can easily pop one into my bag, regardless of where I am or going, so simple and easy to make. Has really helped my baby with wind pain


I just wanted to take the time to write to you and thank you for the difference your product has made in our lives.


As a first time mum, I just could not settle my 3 month old and after having tried every colic & wind relief product to no avail, I stumbled across a sample of "SOOTHE ME BABY" & it has has been my best discovery. Six months on, happy baby, happy me.


Excellent! I tried it for my babies with reflux Really soothing and so easy to use in the middle of the night or when out Great taste! I enjoyed drinking it myself, it has a relaxing effect  I would use it again for sure!


I can’t believe what a difference soothe me baby has had on my baby. He is so much happier and far less irritated. I love that I do not feel guilty giving this to my child, it’s a wonderful natural remedy.


So natural and works a treat! I love that I don’t have to struggle with my baby to drink this tea, she surprisingly loves it and I find that it settles her and her symptoms.


I’ve tried the other wind medicines, I saw no improvements, but soothe me baby tea really helped settle my colicky 3 month old. Thank you.


I love it! I use it whenever my son is unsettled, it works very well.


Bub tried the tea and he loves it! He hasn’t slept through the night in about a month and with the help of this, he slept through! Yay no more sleep deprived lol. Thank you very much, I will definitely be recommending all my friends who have babies with wind or colic! God bless xx


I love your tea both nights Emad has had it he slept through, He's actually sick at the moment I feel like it's helping him.


We tried Soothe me Baby today for Paige. She loved the flavour and it is soothing on an upset tummy. Handy to have on hand for the cramps associated with the stomach bugs around at the moment.


We have been using Soothe Me Baby for the past 4 – 5 months when my kids are feeling under the weather. My four year old often has wind pain and I find that Soothe Me Baby really helps to shift the wind effectively. I highly recommend this product from Giselle&I I only wish I had found this product when my boys were babies to help settle those tummy pains.


I found the tea helpful at the time when my child was experiencing colic symptoms during a growth spurt. He did drink the 150mL of tea and so far I have not had to use it again (thankfully!). I would recommend it to others.


Just Emailing to say a big Thank you. I Absolutely love this tea for my 1year old & myself. Normally my little boy wakes up at least three times during the night when he's teething or unwell & I found giving him Soothe me Baby for the first time helped him sleep through the night as well as settling his belly.


My daughter tried the tea and she loves it! First night as soon as she drank it she done a poo lol. Last night she slept right through! Thank god and thank you.


My 6 yr old son always complains that his tummy hurts. Now I give him Soothe Me Baby, I swear it miraculously makes him feel better, the soreness disappears. Now he tells me when to make him Soothe Me Baby :)