Here are some common questions we have been asked about Soothe Me Baby, please find the answers below as we have compiled them for your information.

What is Soothe Me Baby?

Soothe Me Baby provides relief from colic, stomach pains, nausea, bloating, wind, indigestion and gastrointestinal problems for infants and children. This is an effective and tasty remedy that replaces the need to use heavy chemicals. In fact, Soothe Me Baby only has one active ingredient making it one of the most natural products of its kind. The active ingredient, Pimpinella anisum acts as a gastrointestinal relaxant helping to eliminate and expel unwanted gases trapped in the stomach, it also promotes healthy digestion and relaxation.

Can I give my newborn Soothe Me Baby ?

Soothe Me Baby is suitable for ages 1 month through to 10 years of age.

Isn’t 150 ml too much for my baby?

Babies from 1 month of age should be drinking 120 – 150 ml per feed. This is completely fine.

When Is the best time to feed my baby Soothe Me Baby ?

Feed your baby Soothe Me Baby when they are hungry, not distressed.
Babies who suffer from colic and wind pain generally become distressed around the same time of a day or night, try to watch this pattern to ensure you are able to feed your baby this prior to an episode.

How many sachets can I prepare for my baby in a day.

One to two sachets daily or as required.

Can I feed my baby Soothe Me Baby every day?

If your baby is happy and thriving there is no need to prepare them a daily bottle, only feed your baby Soothe Me Baby to relieve them of any discomforts they are experiencing.

How long does Soothe Me Baby last once prepared?

Soothe Me Baby will last for 2 hours at room temperature.

I don’t think my baby will drink all of the 150 ml in 2 hours, is there anything I can do?

Once you have prepared a fresh bottle of Soothe Me Baby , you can transfer half the amount into an unused sterilised bottle and refrigerate it for a late afternoon or night feed. Make sure you warm up prior to feeding and check the temperature by testing it on your wrist.

Can I mix Soothe Me Baby with formula?

Soothe Me Baby is extremely therapeutic for the digestive system and should only be consumed as directed. However, in children over 1 year of age it is fine to add a little milk to suit your child’s preference.

Can I drink Soothe Me Baby and pass this on from my breast milk?

Yes, Soothe Me Baby decreases colic symptoms in babies via the breast milk and is an excellent choice for nursing mothers as it also promotes the production of breast milk. One or two sachets daily or as required.

I am pregnant can I drink Soothe Me Baby ?

Soothe Me Baby is not recommended for use in pregnancy and should not be consumed by pregnant women.

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