Our Story

When I had my first child, I was young and inexperienced. I could not understand why my son was so irritable, constantly crying and in pain throughout the day and night. I was not sure what I could do to relieve him of his discomfort.
With the help of my beautiful mother Sammy, I learnt how to make a special beverage widely used in our culture to help relieve my son's pain of colic, wind and other symptoms associated with gastrointestinal problems. My mum's teachings now became my life saver.
Six children later, I still prepare this home remedy for my kids for the soothing relief of any colic and stomach pains. I always wondered why there was nothing as natural as this on the market.

It was after I had my first daughter Giselle after already bearing 4 sons that I realised I needed to be a role model for her. A majority of women put our lives on hold to raise our families and I needed to show her you can still be a mum and still reach out and achieve your dreams, you just need to work hard and believe in yourself. This was the birth of giselle&i. It was that moment in 2013 when I decided to release our family tradition, "soothe me baby" and began the process of perfecting this natural remedy to treat colic, wind and gastrointestinal problems for infants and children. I wanted to do this in the simplest and safest way possible ensuring the most convenience for parents anywhere, anytime. Natural, organic and approved by the Australian Government Department of Health (AUST L 286802), soothe me baby is a delightful, safe and simple approach to treating colic, wind and gastrointestinal problems for infants and children. Completely prepared, packed and individually sealed for every parent's convenience, you can rest assured knowing that your child's discomfort can be taken care of.

Made with Love